From bag lady to scrapbooking paper organizer!

Owning a scrapbooking paper organizer is not a life and death thing! But imagine yourself in the midst of scrapbooking and knowing where everything - your paper! - lives. So save yourself some aggravation...

Clear Paper Storage Folders

Lost and Found

imagine yourself in the midst of scrapbooking and knowing where everything is!

Do you have lots of scrapbooking paper and stickers that match? Perhaps some beautiful fall, orange paper and pumpkin stickers? Here's a solution for that! Try these photo-safe translucent folders with a small compartment for stickers and a large one for your paper! Not only are they handy for pairing your stickers and paper, but they are easy to grab when you are on the go! Did I mention that they are photo-safe too?!

Scrapbook Paper Storage Carrying Case

Perhaps you also have paper, stickers and journaling boxes that all coordinate! If so, this item makes a great scrapbooking paper organizer! This organizer has four clear folders, each with six pockets of varying sizes, and comes with a great carrying case with handle and straps to close. Four photo-safe organizing folders can fit in this sturdy carrying case.

Scrapbook Paper Organizing Rack

Sometimes it is nice to have a rack you can set right on your work space and have your paper quickly available. This rack holds up to five hanging folders and has a support bar for added security. It's easy to slip into your rolling cart and then remove when you're ready for scrapbooking!

Other Scrapbook Organizing Supplies

Do you have other scrapbook organizing needs in addition to your paper? Check out these other storage systems for your photos…both digital and traditional, your stickers, your albums, your tools and more!