Learn the power of scrapbooking journaling

Here's what scrapbooking journaling can do: at its best it helps the reader remember (that is, it makes the memory a member of the reader's life again; i.e. "re-member") powerfully with great feeling - joy, pleasure, excitement - a moment from the past. Not only that, scrapbook journaling allows future generations of readers to more fully understand their own past...even before they were born.

If you could choose between an ornately-decorated scrapbook with little or no words telling the story behind the photos, or one more simply decorated with lots of stories…which would you choose? If you chose the latter, you’ve come to the right website!

Let's think of some reasons to journal...

  • My twins

    "The twins LOVE to look at their books and I know one day they will enjoy reading them as well. After all, it is their life!"

    It’s fun – who doesn’t like to remember happy times! Scrapbooking journaling helps you count your blessings!
  • It helps you celebrate your life and the lives of those you care about.
  • It is a way to build self-esteem in children. When they see that you take time to journal those important life moments, it communicates love!
  • Scrapbooking journaling can be therapeutic as you write about a difficult time or a loss you’ve had.
  • It provides a history of your life for those to enjoy it in the present and for those to come in the future.

What keeps folks from scrapbooking journaling?

  • I don’t like my handwriting…
    I hear you – mine’s not perfect either. But remember, your handwriting is part of who you are and those that love you, see your handwriting as a connection to you. Think about this…when you get mail, which do you pick up first…a nicely typed professional looking letter or one with your friend’s handwriting? What if you discovered a box of old recipes penned by your grandmother? Would you love it!? Would you care that it wasn’t always neat? Of course not! Nor will your family and friends (With that said…it’s also fine to do computer journaling sometimes! There are even fonts you can order that look like your handwriting!)
  • Go deeper

    "What would you want a loved one to remember when they looked at that picture (and read your journaling)?"

  • I don’t know what to say…
    Take a look at your photo and answer the questions Who? When? What? Where? Then go deeper. How did you feel that day? What were you thinking when the picture was taken? What would you want a loved one to remember when they looked at that picture (and read your journaling)? If it's not a photo you picked or have any personal knowledge about, ask yourself what you would want to know about it.
  • I don’t spell well
    Use the computer with "Spell Check"!
  • I don’t have time
    Jot down notes when you have five or ten minutes to spare. Either hand write them, or keep them on the computer.

From the heart

Below are some stories from customers about the power of scrapbooking journaling. Thanks to all who contributed!

"I have always loved to write; however as I have gotten older and busier, finding the time became more difficult. That was until I discovered Creative Memories and I learned that when I journal it is not only for me but also for others to read and enjoy. I am now proud to show my scrapbooks to friends and family members. I don’t have to look over their shoulder and explain what is happening on each page. By looking and reading through my scrapbook, we can relive each past event with such clarity. So leave lots of room to write on your pages and be proud of not only your pictures but also your words!"

- Joy Myers

"I think journaling is the MOST important thing about scrapbooking. Too many people fail to see that...thinking they will always remember. You won't....it is too many things to keep up with. I am so thankful I am a VERBAL individual and can write on paper as much as I talk (haha). Please continue to encourage people to journal. There are so many special moments I would have missed with the twins if I hadn't written them down. The twins LOVE to look at their books and I know one day they will enjoy reading them as well. After all, it is their life!"

- Kellie Fowler

"If you’ve ever been to a high place – like a mountain top – you know it provides a view not available anywhere else. You see things from the top you otherwise would not have. The idea a friend suggested to me two weeks before my son graduated from college seemed like an awfully tall mountain to climb. Her suggestion was to do a scrapbook of Adam’s life from birth to graduation. I was amazed at what I had kept for and about Adam over the years. There were photos and memorabilia galore. There were even five undeveloped rolls of film, some of which were nearly twenty years old! Although the pictures were few that got preserved in these rolls, those that came out were precious. As I worked on this album, a wonderful life story through pictures and other items took shape. The process was at times tedious and at others intensely emotional. Heeding the co-founder of Creative Memories advice to concentrate on what you write, not on the layout, design, etc., I took great care and pleasure in recording for Adam some of the important stories and "moments" in his and our lives. Though not yet finished, I consider Adam’s scrapbook one of my more important personal achievements. Climbing to the "peak" by preparing and presenting the scrapbook, I was again made aware of the importance of shared history, family connections, personal story and other gifts of life."

– Steve Braun

What has worked for me

Store & Journal

You can journal right along side your stored digital photos.

I have discovered a wonderful organizational piece of software that lets me organize my digital images AND journal right along side the photo on the computer! When I return to that photo, or want to print it…there’s the story!

If you want to make digital scrapbooks, scrapbooking journaling is SO easy! I have discovered an excellent digital scrapbook software program for designing great-looking pages and plenty of space for scrapbooking journaling. Be as fancy as you like – make your page ‘from scratch’ or use pre-designed pages to create a lovely page in minutes.

Good luck and have fun! Let me know if I can help support you as you begin or continue your scrapbooking journaling and digital scrapbooking journey!