Thinking of becoming a scrapbooking consultant?

As a scrapbooking consultant

you help people recognize, reflect on and preserve the meaning in their lives. Scrapbooking can be spiritual, joyful, heart warming, healing and so much more. Wouldn't you love to be the agent bringing these blessings into the lives of family, friends, neighbors and former strangers (new friends)?

If you love scrapbooking and would like to empower others to organize their photos into meaningful albums, consider becoming a consultant! I have enjoyed this work for over ten years now and still feel the same passion and energy I did when I started!

What keeps me going as a Scrapbooking Consultant?

Being a scrapbooking consultant is rewarding to me for many reasons.

  • Blessing

    provide opportunities for folks to gather in community and share the stories of their lives

    It’s a blessing to provide opportunities for folks to gather in community and share the stories of their lives. Hearing folks say “I had so much fun tonight!”, I know something important has happened.
  • I can control how much I work…and therefore how much I make. My efforts match my paycheck!
  • It’s convenient to plan my workshops when I have time to enjoy them! No one tells me when to teach my classes or hold my workshops. I can work them around my family’s needs.
  • It’s wonderful to create income doing something I enjoy. I love helping others take a box or crate of photos and create something that they will cherish.

If you love scrapbooking and would like to purchase your supplies at cost, being a consultant is a perfect solution! You can do your own albums for less and have wonderful gifts to give others for a fraction of the cost.

How do I start?

For a small joining fee, you can enjoy discounted products and start creating additional income as a scrapbooking consultant.

Call me if you have questions. I would love to help support you as you start this exciting adventure!

Ruth Pardue
Independent Creative Memories Consultant


Scrapbooking home business: create income & keep your balanced life. Summon meaning with a scrapbooking home business. Imagine helping people claim their life's meaning with your scrapbooking home business. You're doing so for yourself as well. The practice of scrapbooking at its best calls forth the better angels of our nature, helps dwell on blessing and claim the meaning all our lives have.