Photo book software makes you an artistic genius

Would you like to make a beautiful photo book? All it takes is an easy-to-use photo book software program and your digital photos. In fact, you can get started using this software for free! Explore the great features of this software for 30 days – free of charge!

StoryBook Creator software is the perfect software for making beautiful albums. The software enables you to use it in basic mode when you first start and in advanced mode - as you gain experience - for fancier and more elaborate features.

What I love about it

One thing I love about the Storybook Creator software is that it is very user friendly! My favorite way to create a photo book using this photo book software is with the beautifully pre-designed templates. It makes my job so much easier and I can simply drag-and-drop my photos and have a lovely completed page.

Photo book software

Start from scratch or use pre-designed templates with drag-and-drop ease

If you are the type that likes to create from “scratch” -- Storybook Creator Software allows for that too! You can choose a blank page and then using Creative Memories artwork and paper, make your own work of art!

I also love how you can see a two-page spread so that all your elements can line up and beautifully enhance the pictures. Storybook Creator software makes you look like a professional designer in the end!

When you’re done, you can upload your album right from the software to the Creative Memories digital center and order your publisher-quality album!

Create these yourself

But, not only can you make beautiful soft and hard bound photo books, you can also create awesome...

Look for yourself

Watch the video below to see the top 10 most exciting features of StoryBook Creator.


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