How to organize digital photos so you can find them?

You know printed photos can quickly get out of hand. Organize digital photos or they too can become an invisible blob. How do you put them in order so you can quickly find just the picture you want?

Most of us have thousands of digital images on our hard drives, cameras and flash drives. We take pictures constantly and figure we'll worry later about what to do with them! Am I right?

Wouldn't it be great to be able to organize our gazillion images as easily as it is to take them?

And then once they are nicely organized, wouldn't it be fun to have the right digital scrapbook software that is easy to use and produces beautiful digital scrapbooks?

Look for these benefits in software to organize digital photos?

Find Photos

How to organize digital photos so you can quickly find your vacation photos from August, 2005 (or any other year and month; even from a specific date!), by keyword and more.

  • Finding images -  You want software that lets you organize the way YOU want to and then gives you the means to search and find pictures quickly (by keyword, subject, date, date ranges and categories).
  • Preserving images – It is very important to back up your images to external equipment as well as on your hard drive for safekeeping. Check to see if the software you are using allows you to make automatic and manual backups.
  • Storing media – Make sure your software allows you to store not only photos, but music and video files as well.
  • Sharing images – You want software that let you export your images to CD, Blu-ray, files, email, slide shows and to other software programs designed to create digital scrapbooks.
  • Printing images -  If, and when you want to print your images, make sure the software allows you to upload to your favorite retail store or online supplier. It is also useful to have a 'print track' feature that lets you know what you've already printed. (So you don’t print them twice!)
  • Enhancing images – You want software that allows you to easily edit your images. Look for the ability to crop, rotate, change the color, sharpen the image, play with the lighting, fix red eye, covert to sepia and black and white and renew and refresh old photos.

What has worked for me

Take a look at the best software I have discovered to organize digital photos. It has all the features listed above. I love that I can come in after a trip, upload pictures from my camera into a travel “sort box” and a folder labeled “Chicago 2009”. It really helps me keep my digital images under control, simple to find and easy to enjoy!


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