Celebrate your life...make your own photo book

Have you ever thought “I REALLY need to do something with my photos!”? Now’s the time! Once you make your own photo book album and hold the finished product in your hands, you’ll want to repeat the feeling! You’ll feel like an author and publisher!

Create photo book example #1

My first digitally created photo book album with accompanying story text was of my daughter-in-law and step son’s wedding in Seoul, South Korea. My husband flew to be there for the wedding and was gone for about a week total. He sent almost daily emails to tell me about what was happening. Those emails got included as at-the-scene commentary to accompany photos from the week and the ceremony. One of the main advantages of doing this particular photo book album digitally was that at least four copies would be needed including one for the Korean bride’s parents who lived in Bundang, Korea.

What’s the occasion to make your own photo book?

You could name a large variety of reasons and occasions to create a photo book. Start a list, if you’re undecided. Create photo books to...

Finished book

"Holding the photo book in my own hands... brought a feeling of astonishment at what I was seeing. It was beautiful!"

  • celebrate and record the meaningful events during a calendar year
  • capture the flowers that you love in your garden or on your favorite nature walk
  • preserve memories during a period of your child’s life -like a sport’s album, their senior year or summer camp photos
  • display and save thoughts, feelings and images of important occasions such as anniversaries, weddings, births, graduations, retirements, etc.
  • pay tribute to someone you love
  • create a portfolio of your art, pottery, jewelry and any other craft artifacts
  • compile your favorite photographs for the year

As you see, the list of ideas to make your own photo book could be endless.

Create photo book example #2

What steps do I take to create a photo book?

Once you select the content(s) to make your own photo book, follow some commonsense steps starting with ones such as...

  • collect the digital photos you plan to include
  • edit and/or crop the photos
  • decide the size and orientation of your photo book (i.e., 8” x 8”, 8.5” x 11”, 12” x 12”, landscape or portrait)
  • bring the photos into photo book authoring software such as Storybook Creator
  • choose templates or create your own page layouts
  • arrange the photos on the pages
  • add or edit existing (if template) embellishments
  • include your stories to accompany the imagery
  • send your project off for printing
  • love the finished product!

A photo book story

My husband loves haiku poetry and photography. I helped him create a gift for a wonderful elderly friend who loves poetry. The photo book has full-page images he had taken on one side and seasonally appropriate nature haiku on the opposite page. He had this to say about the finished product:

I have entertained the idea of publishing a combination photography and nature haiku book, but haven’t gotten around to it yet. I had not anticipated my reaction to the finished product my wife and I had collaborated on as a gift for a special lady in our lives. Holding the book in my own hands and leafing through the pages of my own photography and haiku poetry brought a feeling of astonishment at what I was seeing. It was beautiful! My response gave me further encouragement and motivation to someday publish a similar book or books. As I am continually writing nature haiku poetry and taking photos, I would continue to have poems and imagery for books. Some months after giving our friend the book, we were visiting and I leafed through the book again. I was similarly wowed again. I take delight in the fact that my photo book has one real fan: me...and that is enough.

Create photo book example #3
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