Find ideas about layouts for scrapbooking

Do you feel like you need little inspiration for your layouts for scrapbooking? Have you ever started to work on your scrapbook and thought… "all my pages are starting to look alike!"? Need a little kick to get started with the new creative twist?

Some layout ideas

If you are into traditional scrap booking here are couple of quick and easy layout ideas...

Quick ideas

  • decorative paper
  • tear a page for use on 2-page spread
  • cut paper for borders
  • Use a decorative piece of paper that can cover the entire page. Most likely this will give you enough color and interest so that you will only need to attach your photos, and you are done!
  • Take that same size paper and cut (or tear) it in half. Use half the paper on the left side of the two-page spread, and the other half on the right side of the two-page spread.
  • Take that same size paper and cut 2 inch borders to use on the outside, inside or at the top of the page.

Sometimes it just helps to take a peek at an idea book (or two). Even a simple idea can really jump start you!

Digital layouts

If you're working on a digitally-produced scrapbook, there are numerous beautiful templates that you can simply drag your digital images into, and voilà... you are done! Check out this software, which has great layouts for scrapbooking. Check out the free stuff!

Keep in mind that even though it's fun to have decorative and interesting scrapbooking layouts, the most important thing is that you preserve the stories that accompany your photos. In years to come, the stories will be what will give you and your family great joy!