Free digital scrapbooking to keep your cost down

You might as well take advantage of as much free digital scrapbooking as possible. When you've got papers, templates, kits, embellishments, photos, journaling, software, printing...which of these can you get for free?

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Digital scrapbooking Templates

The thing I love about templates - and it might sound a bit contradictory - is that they give me structure and flexibility. Yeah. Use them "as is" or change them as much as you want. And, yes, you can find many to simply download for free (look for the predesigned pages). Templates get you started quickly and let you plow through your pages efficiently.

Digital scrapbooking papers

Papers act as the foundation - i.e. background - for a page or as an additional decorative item on the page. Digital papers never expire and never run out. You can use them on many different scrapbooks. Find free papers as part of free predesigned pages or temlates.

Digital scrapbooking kits

Digital scrapbooking kits help you get started quicker, enable you to create harmonious and coordinated pages, give you drag and drop simplicity, complete pages efficiently and make you look like an creative genius.

Digital scrapbooking embellishments

When you create a traditional scrapbook, you've got stickers, photos, decorations, letters, shapes, borders, etc., etc. Find your digital equivalents to these items (download or view in larger format).

Your photos

When you create your digital scrapbooks, rather than spending your money printing your digital camera's photos, you apply those funds toward the printing of your finished, digitally-created scrapbook. You often want to crop, fix and organize your digital photos. It's way easier to get overwhelmed by the disorganization of your many digital photos than your pinted photos you might have stashed away in a shoe box. Get them organized soon!

Your journaling

How to do your journaling in your digital scrapbook? You have a number of options. You can

  • type it using one of the standard fonts on your computer
  • use a font of your own handwriting
  • write it in using a special pen for finished digital scrapbooks

Digital scrapbooking software

Scrapbooking software helps your create your finished scrapbook masterpiece at your leisure in your home! It lets you combine your photos, stories, decorations, onto various page formats and send it off to the printer. In just a few days your two hands will be holding a wonderful book you put together. Try digital scrapbooking software for free.

Digital scrapbook printing

The final step before enjoying or giving your digitally created scrapbook to some lucky person is the printing. Printing and binding make a tangible finished product from the digital files save for a particular scrapbook project.

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