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Find just the free digital scrapbooking elements you seek. Out of the five main types of elements, you're sure to find some that fit what you're working on now.

Find scrapbooking elements for PC's as well as "universal format." Choose from...

  • predesigned page templates (includes paper and embellishments)
  • scrapbook page overlays
  • calendar pages
  • card templates
  • embellishments
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Digital scrapbooking my parents' 60th (yes, free elements!)

I love digital scrapbooking because of the...

  1. ease of creation (you can use attractive predesigned page templates)
  2. simplicity (you don't have to drag out lots and lots of supplies from your closet)
  3. ability to make multiple copies when you are finished!

Let me tell you about a digital scrapbook that I'm almost finished with and very excited about!

Happy 60th

Just a few weeks ago my parents had their 60th wedding anniversary and we celebrated it well! We had a party with over 100 people, great food, entertainment and lots of love for my parents. One of the things they especially enjoyed was having my niece and nephew sing a special song just for them.

The digital scrapbook I am creating - yes, with free predesigned page templates! - will have not only pictures of all the wonderful things that happened that day, but it will also be a record of the words that were spoken to my parents. My brother and I both spoke about their loving care of us as we grew up and what great role models they had been for a successful marriage. One of the beauties of digital scrapbooking is that I will have a memory book that will recount this great celebration and I also will be able to make a copy for my brother and parents that will help them relive this special moment of their lives together.

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