Which free digital scrapbook kit do you like best?

Free and attractive? Yes. Take a look at this free digital scrapbook kit list. You're sure to find one that you like. You can also create your own with a combination of these.

My beautiful scrapbooks created with lots of freebies

I purchase digital scrapbooking kits, but I also use free digital scrapbook goodies all the time.

I love having a scrapbook that represents an entire year of our family’s life. Whether it's my husband's birthday celebration, a special vacation in the mountains or just the day to day photos of life, the digital scrapbooks I create for us reflect some of our blessings during the year.

I love that these scrapbooks are such a great size (only about 3/8 inch thick!), but can store 100's of photos. I remember the summer we took my niece to New York City - we ended up with tons of photos of our time in Central Park, museums and even some pictures from the Broadway Show, Wicked. (She almost got her camera confiscated since she wasn't really supposed to take pictures during a Broadway show! Oops!)

Fabulous page

It makes you look like you've spent hours creating such an attractive page when in reality you may have done it in five minutes!

My yearly digital scrapbooks I create have beautiful decorative pages…and not because I am a great designers either! The digital scrapbooking software I use makes it so easy to have professional looking pages that have coordinated papers and stickers. It makes you look like you've spent hours creating such an attractive page when in reality you may have done it in five minutes! When I look back at my yearly digital scrapbooks, I feel a sense of accomplishment knowing that I have captured the fun and meaningful times of the past years.

Look to see which kit(s) would work best you

Digital scrapbook kits typically include "paper" and embellishments. Embellishments include different decorative elements for your scrapbook pages. Anything you would adhere - tape, glue, paste, staple, rivet or bolt (just kidding!) - to the pages in traditional scrapbooking, would be an "embellishment" in digital scrapbooking. The following free predesigned pages essentially are these elements combined for you on a variety of pages...usually about 20~30 of them for each design. Some examples include...

  • Great Escapes 8x8 and 12x12
  • Baby Boy Soft 11x8.5
  • Holiday Traditional 11x8.5
  • Basic White 11x8.5
  • I Hope 12x12
  • Holiday Whimsical 8x8
  • Baby Girl Soft 8x8 and 12x12
  • Seasons 11x8.5
  • Basic Black Digital 12x12
  • Jewel Achievements 11x8.5

Take a look (large format on pdf) or download these free predesigned pages (look for "Free Downloadable Artwork"). Use these pages "as is" or break them down into their component parts to recombine into a free digital scrapbook kit of your own making.

What else is free?

Since you visited to find free digital scrapbook kits, you might like to know what else could be yours through a simple download. I've detailed these on my digital scrapbook freebies page. You can literally create a beautiful digital scrapbook using all free elements combined with your own photos, titles, captions and stories.

How to use your free predesigned pages

Watch this 8-minute video to see how you can use predesigned pages (already assembled kits, essentially).

Using Predesigned Pages


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