Digital scrapbooking page recipes

Want a recipe to follow for creating your scrapbook? Digital scrapbooking templates act like recipes. Stick to them as closely as you want or change anything about them to fit your needs.

I love starting with templates when I begin a new scrapbook project and here’s why:

  1. templates provide me the structure to get started immediately and move quickly
  2. templates give me the total flexibility to change or add whatever I want

Examples of digital scrapbooking templates

As we’ve all heard, a picture is worth a thousand words, so here’s a flavor of what some templates look like:

template1 template2 template3

Flexibility of templates

It’s the best of both worlds! Since templates allow me to insert the photos into slots right away, I get a sense of the album very quickly. But here’s the thing…I also like the freedom to change something (or everything!) on a page, if I feel it would be better. What can I change? Here are some things about a template that I can change:


I love to move quickly on my scrapbooking projects, yet have all the flexibility in the world when I use templates.

  • photo slot position
  • photo slot size
  • photo slot shape
  • number of photo slots on a page
  • background (“paper”) design
  • keep background design, but change color
  • remove or add embellishments (“stickers,” letters, numbers, shapes, expressive words, phrases)
  • add journaling

The other thing about predesigned pages (templates) is that I can use these over and over again. Unlike traditional scrapbooking kits and pages, digital scrapbooking pages act like a well that never runs dry!

Explore some actual templates

Selecting links of interest in this list...

Once you have a good feel for what you want,

add them to your personal templates collection. You could even get started with some free digital scrapbooking templates from this same link. Have at it!

Using Templates (Predesigned Pages)

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