Digital scrapbooking layouts cause ooh's & ahh's

With photo frames and page background already laid out in digital scrapbooking layouts, creating your beautiful finished product comes quicker and draws ooh's and ahh's!

Feel the freedom!


Change everything, some things, or nothing. Choose your level of creativity balanced with "getting it done."

OK. Some people - me too - have a slight (or more than slight!) discomfort with templates, page layouts, predesigned pages, or whatever you want to call them. "I want my pages to be unique!...different from other people's pages!" Yes. This is a universal sentiment. We all want to feel we're unique and what we do is unique. Oh, the dread of showing up somewhere with the same outfit as someone else!

Layout exampleGet this, though... Digital scrapbooking layouts in reality simply offer you a starting point. You can run and have fun with the layout "as is." Oooooooor, modify to your heart's content. Change everything, if you want. Or you can change the number of photo frames as well as their sizes and positions, change the background color and/or pattern, change the decoration or just their size, position or color. You see what I mean? You make the final choices of using at is, changing it totally or something in between! That's freedom of creation!

Layout example
Layout example

You drag and drop your photos into the grey areas, resize them, move them, remove them. Whatever you want. These particular layouts come from the 30 digital scrapbooking layouts in the Celebration Simply Beautiful collection.

Layouts for quick and meaningful albums

My favorite

These pages have been created by graphic artists who are really skilled at combining beautiful papers and stickers.

I have enjoyed scrapbooking since I was a little girl when I would cut out pictures of Mark Spitz when he won the Olympic gold medal and scotch tape it in a paper scrapbook! I still love scrapbooking today – but I know there's a safer, better and quicker way to do it. While I love the creativity of traditional cut-and-paste scrapbook, I have come to really appreciate the ease of digital scrapbooking. My favorite thing for creating a quick and meaningful album is by using predesigned pages or layouts. These pages have been created by graphic artists who are really skilled at combining beautiful papers and stickers. All I have to do is drag my pictures into the frames, write my text and I'm done! If I want to add or delete elements, the software lets me do that too. I have total control of my pages.

I think predesigned pages are really the way to go for creating beautiful and professional-looking albums.

Using Layouts (Predesigned Pages)