Just the right digital scrapbooking kits for you

Find just the right digital scrapbooking kits from dozens of choices. See large images of the kit's contents arranged on letter size pages for easy choosing. From kits to super kits to greeting card kits, find them all here.

What's in a kit?


Your "well" of elements never goes dry with the ability to re-color, re-size and re-use each item in your kit. See the recolored paper below...

You'll find kits include two main categories of items for your digital scrapbooking needs: "paper" and elements - that in traditional scrapbooking - you would stick, write or draw on the paper.

Digital paper gives you the background - the "canvas," so to speak - onto which you place photos, journaling, and elements of embellishment. Digital paper characteristics include...

  • colored; no pattern
  • patterns
  • soft background images

All the embellishments you have in traditional scrapbooking, you'll find in digital scrapbooking. They include...

  • letters
  • numbers
  • stickers
  • shapes
  • expressive words
  • phrases

What's kinds of kits are available?

Digital scrapbooking kits are found in three main varieties

  • themed kits (boy, girl, seasonal, vacation and more)
  • card kits (imagine your favorite greeting card store's racks!)
  • super kits (more paper, more elements in grand themes!)

What a kit means to you

Do you remember a scene where a surgeon puts her hand out and an assistant places the right tool in her hand at the right time? Digital scrapbooking kits are like that. You want to complete a page in an attractive and meaningful way. Kits help you create a page to meet a vision you have for a particular page. A kit gives you the tools to make unique pages. Your kit helps you...

  • complete pages quicker
  • craft pages with drag and drop ease
  • find page elements that compliment and enhance your photos and journaling
  • give selected pages or whole scrapbooks a harmonious, coordinated look
  • get your creative juices flowing...

The thing about kits is that they're an infinite "well" of paper and page elements. You can...

  • recolor pick a color out of your photo and change the paper to that color or a coordinating color!
  • resize page elements to fit the available space and sense of balance!
  • reuse, forever and ever, Amen!

Here's the same digital paper recolored 3 times. Same patterns; different colors. Possibilites are limitless!

recolored digital paperrecolored digital paperrecolored digital paper