Recolor & resize your digital scrapbooking clipart

7 clip art varieties, many sets per variety, plentiful digital scrapbooking clipart images per set. The perfect clipart awaits you. If it's less than perfect, change it's size, color, orientation and more!

Seven varieties

What would you name as the two key ingredients of scrapbooks - whether created traditionally or digitally - without which the album would not have the maximum impact or value? I would name photos and stories as the two main staples in a well-crafted scrapbook. When your children grow up, would they rather have a scrapbook with mostly photos and little text or one with many stories in addition to the photos? Which would you prefer? I think all other aspects of scrapbooking take a back seat to these two important elements. Decorations, or embellishments, take their place as an additional fun and enjoyable feature of scrapbooks. Take a look at these seven digital scapbooking clipart (electronic stickers, doncha know!) varieties:


resize to fit with other page elements...recolor to complement your photos and your background...reuse over and over

  • alphabet shapes
  • page corners and edges
  • expressive phrases and words
  • overlays
  • shapes
  • paired or duo decorative clip art
  • digital "stickers"

Get a good view of these clipart images in larger pdf format.

Just a small sampling of what's available

The beauty of these and all scrapbook clipart shown and linked on this page is that you can...

  • resize to fit with other page elements (photos, stories, etc.)
  • recolor to complement your photos or background "digital paper"
  • reuse over and over (never run out; use them on many scrapbooks)

Ruth's story

When I created an album of my mother's tasty recipes, the digital clipart that I chose added so much to it! These cute embellishments...a measuring spoon, a mixing bowl and sayings like "Easy as Pie" were part of the Recipe predesigned pages. These had beautifully coordinated paper and matching clipart. The great thing about digital scrapbooking clipart is that you can add or delete embellishments and make every page your own! Now I have a wonderful album full of my moms great dishes. The album contains not only her well-loved recipes but also photographs of her signature dishes and of course, pictures of Mom holding her creations. I was able to give my brother this album and also make a copy for myself. That's the beauty of digital albums!

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