Digital scrapbook software helps you create amazing story books

You create a meaning-full book using digital scrapbook software

on your computer... maybe even unnoticed. Imagine then the joy of your child - or somebody's inner child - looking through a spectacular book that looks just like one of their favorite story books?

So you're thinking that digital scrapbooking might be your way to go?  Perhaps you’re overwhelmed with trying to keep your traditional scrapbooks up to date – or maybe you've never even started your traditional scrapbooks!  All those photos under your bed or on your flash drive are hanging over your head, calling your name. Your children may be saying “Mommy, where are the pictures of me in the school play last year?”  - You cringe.  Maybe digital scrapbooking is the solution! (What is digital scrapbooking?)

Meymandi Concert Hall, Raleigh - digital scrapbook software 2-page spread

Let’s think of some advantages of digital scrapbooking…

  • You can easily make multiple copies of the same digitally created scrapbook. Suddenly, you have a holiday gift for both your mother and your mother-in-law with the click of a button!
  • More than one

    Since it's digital, you can duplicate it as many times as you want...for a whole class, school or church!

  • How about different versions of essentially the same book to personalize your gift to several favorite people?
  • You can work on your digital scrapbook in small increments. You do not have to drag out all your ‘stuff’!  Just stop by the computer and work for 15 minutes.
  • You will have more room on your shelf!  Most of my traditional scrapbooks are about three inches thick. My digital scrapbooks, on the other hand, are only about 3/8 of an inch! When your child leaves home and wants to take her scrapbooks, she won’t need a U-Haul It to transport them!

Digital scrapbook software gives you these and other advantages hard to duplicate with traditional scrapbooking.

What do you look for in good digital scrapbooking software?

  • Is user friendly.  If you are like me, you want software to be intuitive and easy to use. I would rather watch a tutorial showing me what to do rather than read a long user manual (although these are handy for reference!).
  • Complete

    Drag and drop simplicity helps you complete scrapbooks in the "slivers of time" available.

  • Gives you the end product you are looking for.  The software should have the flexibility to produce decorative as well as simple scrapbook pages.
  • Allows for creative expression as well as pre-designed pages. Sometimes you just want to ‘get it done’!  For those times, you want digital scrapbooking software that provides attractive templates that help you complete pages quickly. You also have times when you’d like to ‘play’ around a bit and create your own unique digital scrapbook page. .
  • Helps you finish! Look for digital scrapbook software that helps you complete a fantastic book in the slivers of time you drag and drop all your selected photos at once!
  • Is a good value.   You’re willing to pay for a quality software program, but you don’t want to pay an arm and a leg.

What has worked for me

I have discovered an excellent digital scrapbook software program for designing and creating artistic pages. It uses a simple drag and drop feature, and allows you to design professional looking albums quite easily. Be as fancy as you like - make your page 'from scratch' or use pre-designed pages to create a lovely page in minutes. This 5-minute video below may help you understand better the features you want to look for in digital scrapbook software. When you want to learn more, try these video tutorials.

Digital Scrapbook Software

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