A book in your hands via digital scrapbook printing

Click pictures and stories together on your computer. Digital scrapbook printing then turns your creation into a shiny new book, one that you leaf through and enjoy time and again.

Imagine how much your children love picture books. Picture giving your child a book filled with photos and stories of special moments in their lives. You can just envision their reaction!

Printed digital scrapbook

Digital scrapbook printing...a key benefit

Easy Copies

It's so much easier duplicating a digital scrapbook than a traditional one!

One of the advantages of digital scrapbook printing is the ease with which you make duplicate copies of the scrapbook. If you have children who play sports, are involved in fine arts activities or other groups, it's great to take photos throughout the year and create a digital scrapbook with special memories. Many families would love the opportunity to purchase a scrapbook to celebrate the fun their children had.

I've created several scrapbooks digitally which I then had multiple copies printed so several interested persons could have their own copy of the book. It's so much easier duplicating a digital scrapbook than a traditional one!

How to finish up with a printed scrapbook in your hands

I'll assume you already have your photos. The next steps include...

  1. Make your own photo book digitally
  2. Follow the simple instructions to upload your scrapbook using your digital scrapbooking software
  3. Wait for the printed final product (see video below)

Whether you create the scrapbook for your own family or someone else, it will be a blessing they hold in their hands and leaf through many times. They'll love it, and you'll love that they love it!

What to look for in digital scrapbook printing

When you go to the effort of creating a beautiful book - which is mostly in your control - you want to know that the quality of the final printed version of your creation will serve you for a long time. Some of the things to look for...

  • specially treated papers
  • quality stitched bindings
  • pigment-based inks
  • warranty

What else can you print?

You can celebrate your family's life through scrapbooks you create digitally yourself. Look at some other ways you can celebrate special moments and meaning in the life of your family...

  • Page prints (insert in a traditionally created album)
  • Greeting card
  • Calendar
  • Mouse pad
  • Mug
  • Metal photo panel
  • T-shirt
  • Poster

I created a metal photo panel commemorating my dad's interview on the Radio and TV about reuniting with his Eisenhauer Army jacket after 40+ years. He had taken it to the cleaners in the early '60's in his small town. A former middle-school student of his - now an adult - delivered it after finding it in her grandfater's basement (the cleaners had closed decades ago).

Metal photo panel

Digital Scrapbook Printing

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