Digital scrapbook freebies: have fun frugally!

Budget conscious and mindful of time? Look through these digital scrapbook freebies and download them as soon as you want. Make extravagantly beautiful scrapbooks digitally and stay thrifty!

If you’ve ever thought about making a digital scrapbook, here’s a way to do it and save money at the same time with lots of digital goodies and templates! Once you have the digital scrapbooking software (which you can try for free), getting free page layout templates and other digital scrapbook freebies make your digital scrapbooking fun, easy and economical.

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My digital freebies

Stay thrifty

Make extravagant scrapbooks digitally with free digital goodies.

Each year I create a digital scrapbook that includes photos and stories about the meaningful events during the year. A large majority of the pages in these scrapbooks are based on free predesigned page templates. These templates are filled with beautiful coordinating colors, photo slots and decorative embellishments. These templates allow you to create a beautiful page within minutes by simply dragging and dropping pictures into the photo slots.

When I created a digital scrapbook for my niece’s high school graduation – it included family history stories and photos as well as many letters from living family members – one of the final pages was a full-page-to-the-edge photo of her. When the photo goes all the way to the edge of the printed page, it’s called a “full bleed.” It made for a dramatic last page to her graduation scrapbook. Many of the free predesigned pages have a full bleed page included (see below).

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With a new grandson, I’ll be taking advantage of some of the baby boy freebies (see them) available for creating beautiful printed scrapbooks. Some of you love the boys and girls in your home, or might be grandparents yourself. Look through some of the digital scrapbooking freebies available.

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