Would you like to see scrapbooking made easy?

Even better, would you like meaningful scrapbooking made easy? Me too! We all can use scrapbooking ideas that help us preserve our precious memories and express our love for those who enrich our lives.

Which of these two scrapbooks would you like to find?


I'm Ruth

Let me paint a word picture for you. Let's say that you are in the midst of helping your parents downsize and move into a smaller house. Part of your task is to clean out the attic. Everywhere you look are dusty boxes of old Christmas ornaments and vestiges of days gone by. You even run across your scout badges and your marching band record (very warped, I might add). Suddenly you come upon a box that is neatly tied with a yellowing ribbon. You curiously and slowly remove the ribbon. Inside you discover a scrapbook. Eagerly you open its pages. Here's what you find inside…


"You begin to notice something...there are no words. Just pictures beautifully presented on each page - but no accompanying stories."

You see a beautiful scrapbook with lace edging around the cover. You open the cover and begin to take in pictures of your entire childhood. On these pages are every single picture your parents ever took of you from birth to 18! Each page is carefully and artistically designed with beautiful layouts, sculpted paper borders, decorative stickers and die cuts, as well as pages that unfold and pop up as you pull on them. Then you begin to notice something…there are no words. Just pictures beautifully presented on each page - but no accompanying stories.



"The stories and pictures continue to tumble out of these pages telling the stories of your life."

What you uncover is a scrapbook done in a simple, traditional style. However, in this album you find paragraph after paragraph about your growing up years along with the pictures. You read with tears in your eyes the story of your birth. How your dad was in the military when you were born and your Aunt Susan came from Florida to be with your mom. Then you continue on reading about how you took your first step, said "ma ma" for the first time and how you loved popsicles as a two year old. There are pictures and stories about going off to kindergarten and how proud your parents were when you recited your first little poem by memory at a program at Bates Elementary School. The stories and pictures continue to tumble out of these pages telling the stories of your life. There are letters from best friends who have now moved away and certificates from piano recitals that you had forgotten about. You can't believe what a treasure you have discovered, and you are reminded again how much love your parents poured out upon you as you grew up.

Which album would you take your scrapbooking ideas from?

So…I ask you, which of these two albums you would like to discover in your attic? Or, what kind of album do you want to pass along to those you love? If you feel like you are way behind and would like to get "current" with your photos this coming year, I gently ask you to consider a simple and classic style. Here you have it! Scrapbooking made easy!

Scrapbooking made easy to keep the stories alive


"...writing the stories of your life..."

Many folks who don't want to lose their memories are opting for scrapbooks that have little or no enhancements (decorations) - scrapbooking made easy - at least until they get caught up. That's not to say there won't be times you'll want to be more decorative (ex. I spent time making my wedding album pretty), but you might want to try scrapbooking ideas to simplify such as using a strip of paper, or a triangle and then spend the time you would on decorating, writing the stories of your life and the life of your family. And while you are being totally radical (!), try a page with only pictures and words! This is what you might call scrapbooking made easy to the max!

Of course, I realize there are some of us who just love the artistic expression of creating a beautiful page. That's great! It's nice to know there are all kinds of scrapbooking ideas out there to meet the needs of everyone. Just don't forget the stories. Start your meaningful scrapbook making today!

Life is busy...

As we both know, life is busy. There's no denying it. There are...

  • dishes to wash
  • babies to bathe
  • children to haul
  • meals to prepare
  • phones and emails to answer
  • presentations to give
  • meetings to attend
  • books to read
  • and on and on

Which of your activities have lasting value?


In twenty years from now, which of those activities will have lasting value?

Think for a minute of all the activities that fill your days. In twenty years from now, which of those activities will have lasting value? What is in your house at this moment that tells your family (or friends) how much they mean to you? Scrapbooks are a way of communicating that love. Let's see how scrapbooking made easy works! Then we can use great scrapbooking ideas to engage in meaningful scrapbook making for those we love.

What about your children and your children's children?


"If not now, when?"

Imagine your grandchildren sitting down to read about your life, your faith, and your joys! Set it as a priority to get going on these albums of love. Ask yourself these two questions….

  1. "If not now, when?" and,
  2. "If not me, whom?"

If you are feeling overwhelmed about starting, I can help. Let me offer some scrapbooking ideas that will result in your scrapbooking made easy.


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